Work in Progress

The Woman:

(This piece will be part of a collection.  It is not named just yet as it has quite a story.) 

I had a dream years ago about an Avant -Garde  model that I would use at the conclusion of a fashion show I would one day create.  

The Woman was coming up to a boardwalk from a basement shop.  

It was only 2 years ago that I realized “She” was “Me”.  

I was in fact coming up from a dark basement as I was recovering from a horrible car accident that left me wondering just how much I would ever be able to do for myself , or my family … Let alone ever feel truly productive again.  

It has been  lessons learned by experiencing the daily pain that have helped me to find the  joy,  peace and serenity in my moments of continued life.  

I am blessed and I am grateful.  

 From studying Japanese Ikigai and working with Mind-maps, There is reason for everything that will go on the sculpture.  


She will be something grand!  Stay tuned to watch her progress.



(Studio Time.  Laura is never alone.  Bailey, her service dog,

is quick to pick up a brush or bead.  )