Our Artist

While training for Olympic Trials, the trajectory of Laura’s life changed due to a debilitating car accident in 2011.  

Following the accident, Laura struggled to tackle even the simplest tasks.  Pain and an addiction to medication, left her disengaged and no longer the contributing member of society she once was.  Laura began utilizing the use of Mind Maps and the study of Ikigai, among other non-traditional studies, to create personal understanding so as to  overcome her challenges.   

Mrs. Carnagie studied Fashion Design and Fashion Marketing at The Colorado Institute of Art. 

Laura uses her paintings, mixed media works, costumes, photography and sculptures, to guide her viewers in an exploration of emotions, history and connections as she tells the story of life the way she sees it.

Learning about different cultures has always been a passion for Laura. Living in Germany, the Navajo Reservation and even the Philippines during a Coup D’etat, Laura is truly captivated by how people live everyday life.
Laura is a current board member of the Pauls Valley Chamber of Commerce and Pauls Valley Arts Council, a Paul Harris Fellow – Rotary International, and is a frequent guest speaker for businesses, churches and schools.

Laura Carnagie lives on a ranch in Oklahoma with her family and a myriad of animals.