Stairway to Heaven

Oil on Canvas 10Hx10W $500 The path to Heaven can be confusing, if we become distracted along the way.  Look for the Handrail and you’ll soon find yourself at the top of the stairs!        

Spotted Giraffe

Oil on Canvas 16Hx20W $3,500 The Denver Zoo captivated my mind at a young age.  I will never forget seeing a new baby giraffe be born.  Love and compassion.  The mother’s attention was professed at the beginning of baby’s life. Read more…


Oil on Canvas 20Hx16W $3500 Hiking a mountain side to stand under the falls.  The sound of the water rushing just overhead. . .  Giving Power, Cleansing the Body Guiding the Mind.   


Wood, glass, wire, shells, beads 36Hx25W  $4,000   Nerves   raw stripped away by physical pain left exposed vulnerable an apparent  right of passage for focused feeling.   grasping thin air damage inhibits success succumbed to reality of weakness gives Read more…

Canvas Prep

Just a snapshot of  the canvas used for my practice painting of the flowers that will be painted on the silk dress of my sculpture.  

Adam’s Anguish

Adam’s Anguish Oil on Canvas 16Hx20W $3,500 When Eve presented Adam the fruit from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil,   I am certain Adam was devastated.  He knew the covenant he had made not to eat of Read more…