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Cheetah on the Run

Oil on Canvas 16Hx20W $2500   In 4 million years of evolution  the cheetah became the exceptional animal it is today,  yet only took 100 years for man to place it on the endangered list. Now the fastest land animal Read more…

Birth of Idea

Oil on Canvas 16Hx20W $2000 Chaos and confusion, disorganization and frustration gains clarity as serenity yields to the formation of creativity.  Expressing itself as an idea in the mind.  

Cabanas On The Beach

Oil on Canvas 10Hx20W $2,000 Colorful Cabanas invite us to sit and soak in the sun.  Absorb the tranquil smells of flowers and ocean combined.   Hear the waves lapping up on the sand. Allow yourself to travel there for Read more…