Cheetah on the Run

Cheetah on the Run

Oil on Canvas




In 4 million years of evolution  the cheetah became the exceptional animal it is today,  yet only took 100 years for man to place it on the endangered list.

Now the fastest land animal in the world is losing its most important race: the race for survival. 

We can learn a lot about our life when we have a healthy respect for nature.  The Cheetah Outreach Program in South Africa strives to educate in the preservation of this incredible species.  

            Celebrating 20 years (1997 to 2017) of Service!
Promoting the survival of the free ranging, Southern African cheetah through environmental education and delivering conservation initiatives.  

I will donate 15% of the sales price of this painting (Cheetah on the Run) to The Cheetah Outreach Program for support in their efforts.  

To Learn more about their system of education please see their website:

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